$TXT Created by FORT,WALLY at KRN.FO-OAKLAND.MED.VA.GOV (KIDS) on Thursday, 07/29/10 at 14:07 ============================================================================= Run Date: OCT 04, 2010 Designation: XT*7.3*123 Package : XT - TOOLKIT Priority: Mandatory Version : 7.3 SEQ #97 Status: Released Compliance Date: NOV 04, 2010 ============================================================================= Subject: HTTP Client Category: - Routine Description: ============ Patch Tracking #: 51076666 Test Sites: Albuquerque VAMC, Alexandria VAMC, Fresno VAMC, Palo Alto HCS Blood Bank Clearance: 6/16/2010 EFFECT ON BLOOD BANK FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Patch XT*7.3*123 contains changes to a package referenced in VHA OI SEPG SOP 192-023 Review of VISTA Patches for Effects on VISTA Blood Bank Software. This patch does not alter or modify any VistA Blood Bank software design safeguards or safety critical elements functions. RISK ANALYSIS: Changes made by patch XT*7.3*123 have no effect on Blood Bank software functionality, therefore RISK is none. Remedy Ticket: HD364606 This software release adds a new tool in a set of Infrastructure software tools that Developers use. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a fast reliable way for an application to collect data from another source. This patch allows VistA to tap into this information and retrieve web data. This code was developed by another package that had a pressing need. We would like to provide it as tool so that other developers may use this functionality. ***** DEMO ***** KRN>D DEMO^XTHCDEM URL: http://www.hardhats.org Replace ... With http://vaww.fo-oakland.med.va.gov /weather.html Replace http://vaww.fo-oakland.med.va.gov/weather.html ----- HTTP HEADER ----- HTTP/1.1 200 OK ACCEPT-RANGES=bytes CONNECTION=close CONTENT-LENGTH=293 CONTENT-TYPE=text/html DATE=Fri, 20 Nov 2009 00:27:08 GMT ETAG="8e0a7-125-478c2283e4240" LAST-MODIFIED=Fri, 20 Nov 2009 00:00:01 GMT SERVER=Apache/2.2.8 (Ubuntu) mod_python/3.3.1 Python/2.5.2 PHP/5.2.4-2ubuntu5.6 with Suhosin-Patch Enter RETURN to continue or '^' to exit: ----- MESSAGE XTHC8DAT ----- Weather Observation observation_time: Last Updated on Nov 19 2009, 2:53 pm PST
wind: Southwest at 4.6 MPH (4 KT)
windchill: 57 F (14 C)
pressure: 1017.2 mb
temperature: 57.0 F (13.9 C)
location: Oakland, CA
***** END OF DEMO **** Entry points for HTTP Client: ----------------------------- API ENTRY POINTS DESCRIPTIONS $$GETURL^XTHC10 Gets the data from the provided URL DEMO^XTHCDEM Demonstration entry point $$ENCODE^XTHCURL Encodes the string $$MAKEURL^XTHCURL Creates a URL from components $$PARSEURL^XTHCURL Parses the URL into components $$NORMPATH^XTHCURL Returns "normalized" path $$DECODE^XTHCUTL Decodes one string replacing < with < > with > & with &   with " " ' with ' " with " A with A. ========================================================================= Installation: >>>Users may remain on the system. >>>TaskMan does *not* need to be stopped. 1. Use the 'INSTALL/CHECK MESSAGE' option on the PackMan menu. This option will load the KIDS package onto your system. 2. The patch has now been loaded into a Transport global on your system. You now need to use KIDS to install the Transport global. On the KIDS menu, under the 'Installation' menu, use the following options: Verify Checksums in Transport Global Print Transport Global Compare Transport Global to Current System Backup a Transport Global 3. Users can remain on the system. This patch can be queued and installed at any time. TaskMan can remain running. 4. Installation will take less than 2 minutes. On the KIDS menu, under the 'Installation' menu, use the following option: Install Package(s) 'XT*7.3*123' ========== Accept the following defaults. Want KIDS to INHIBIT LOGONs during the install? NO// Want to DISABLE Scheduled Options, Menu Options, and Protocols? NO// ========================================================================= Routine Information: ==================== The second line of each of these routines now looks like: ;;7.3;TOOLKIT;**[Patch List]**;Apr 25, 1995;Build 4 The checksums below are new checksums, and can be checked with CHECK1^XTSUMBLD. Routine Name: XTHC Before: n/a After: B3844 **123** Routine Name: XTHC10 Before: n/a After: B19523775 **123** Routine Name: XTHC10A Before: n/a After: B34274348 **123** Routine Name: XTHCDEM Before: n/a After: B2836502 **123** Routine Name: XTHCURL Before: n/a After: B3579375 **123** Routine Name: XTHCUTL Before: n/a After: B3432229 **123** ============================================================================= User Information: Entered By : FORT,WALLY Date Entered : OCT 29, 2009 Completed By: SINGH,GURBIR Date Completed: OCT 04, 2010 Released By : HARROD,PAUL Date Released : OCT 04, 2010 ============================================================================= Packman Mail Message: ===================== $END TXT